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Barcelona CLAP HANDS Project Event

The Barcelona Event was a big success. We shared experiences with different partners and experts on the subject. We had also the opportunity to assist a magnificent performance  from a percussion group from Montpelier. 

The presentations can be downloaded here:




June, 20th, 2019
Universidad Internacional de Catalunya,
Inmaculada, 22   08017 Barcelona 

The European Union faces the most dramatic demographic downturn in history. Its sustainability depends on its capacity to attract and include populations from other parts of the world. Yet there is a generalized exclusion of 80% of its population. The community of persons with some kind of disability represent 17% of the European Union population. That is, 1 out of every 6 persons that live in the European space are considered not capable of having a professional competence.

Therefore 50% of the disabled community is unemployed and 70% are in the poverty level respect the general population.

  • Learning to value what persons with disability can offer is of extreme importance. Steven Hopkins, the most brilliant brain in the world of this century, was trapped in the most disabled body- But his brain made the most important contributions to technology and the understanding of the universe. Franklin D Roosevelt, a mobility disabled person, was president of the United States in a critical period of world history. The most brilliant artists in history have been disabled: Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Mozart, Munch, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Goya, Cervantes, Helen Keller, Alicia Alonso…

37% or the European Union population that is 504 M persons care and give support to this mega-community. In health care, rehabilitation programs and education. But little support is given to promote their professional capacities in order to join the work market and develop a high quality of personal and professional life.

54% of the total European population is impacted by disability. Are involved and responsible for:

  • Guiding the members of this community in their rout to be self-sustaining
  • Creating visibility and awareness to that the general population assumes an inclusive attitude towards disabled persons
  • Leveraging the untapped talent of many of the members of this community to contribute to improve the employability in the European Union, which needs to increase the active population on one side; and to improve to raise the quality of life of 80M its citizens

The CLAP HANDS ERASMUS`+ project aims at promoting the necessary social skills and technical competence to the 504M professionals and parents of person with some disability, that give support to disabled persons in order to deliver training tools that empower these persons with disabilities to develop a professional career.

The Art, Disability and Citizenship EVENT brings together experts and relevant members of the social, education and economic environment to analyse the intellectual outputs developed under the CLAP HANDS project in order to publish a report that can guide professional that care for disabled persons as well a members of this community to include this community as equal citizens of the European Union, and profit from the untapped talent many of them can contribute to demography sustainability of the European Union.


17:00 hrs
Welcome accreditation, review logistics, administrative information for the 3 days..- coffee

17:30 hrs
“BREXIT related Challenges and advises to all social and professional in Europe”
Jacinto Soler Matutes, Advisor of Industrial Policy and International Relations. PIMEC

17:55 hrs
Introduction International Partnership presents CLAP HANDS ERASMUS+ project
Myrtha Casanova – Artistas Diversos


18:00 hrs
Objectives and outputs of the CLAP HANDS project
Marie Claude Esculier – Project Manager – Europass

18:30 hrs
Professionalization in a protected environment: potentials and limits;
El ejemplo de la compañía teatral “LaBulleBleue”
Association Faire-ESS
La BulleBleue
Jacques Fraisse – General Manager
DelphineMaurel – Manager
Maud Verdier – Associated Professor
Invited guest. : Actriz of La Bulle Bleue

IRTS Institut Régional de Travaill Social Pôle Montpellier
Corinne Ducrocq Laures – CEO IRTS Montpellier
LaurentGrant, presents musicians who have developed professionally as a group

Invited guests – Percussion group from Montpelier


Give Visibility to the intellectual outputs of the CLAP HANDS project. integration / professionalization of disable people through Art and Culture in Portugal. Video presentation.
Universidade Lusófona
Fernando Catarino – Portugal Project Manager
Paulo Ferreira – Manager


Artistas Diversos

Best Practices Guide in the development of art as a profession – Cases and Best Practices. Quality support from institutions to open new ways of working
Myrtha Casanova – President, Artistas Diversos
Silvia Vilches – Special Employment Center, DKV

Invited Guests: Mario Casanova and Kelly Arrontes Author and illustrator of a collection Los Niños Detectived edited by Caligrama, a division of Random House Books to introduce respect and inclusion to school children

Invited guest: Ricard Armengol – CEO ProvitalGroup
Decoration of companies as a profession of artists with disabilities. Present contest and professional artists to explain their experience
Kelly Arrontes
David Tarrago
Alex Hurbano

Invited Guest Elias Lafuente, Director

FORO Técnico de Formación
Training program for the agents of labor inclusion of people with functional diversity in the field of culture and arts

Imma Miralles- CEO FORO Técnico de Formacion
JoseLlorca – Presidente Fundació Friends

Invited Guest : Rosa Cuartero, CEO DisJob
Job Board for professionals with disabilities

VIDEO – LA TRAMOYA Scenic group from Madrid


Inclusion of personas with disabilities in culture in Sweden competencies required as a professional to work with this target group
Pantea Saramolki, Folkeniversitetet in Uppsala

20:45: hrs

The society is jointly responsible for creating an inclusive environment so that the entire community with disabilities enjoy the same rights as European citizens
Ramón Martín Events Manager

Download the Program- PDF


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