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Seeded Art – teaching art in schools

David Tarrago, an artist from Pujalt, a small town in Barcelona, has se up a “Seeded Art” in Sant Guim de Freixenet, in Lérida, a non-profit organization that aims to teach art in schools. Teachers are artists with disabilities. . The aim is for children to develop inclusion behavior from an early ag.

El Despertar de una mariposa

Domingo Pisón, the magician, has let us know this news of what he does professionally, this time as director of a short film. It is the proof of the professionalism that an artist with disabilities is achieving. Belén, a girl who finished her university career half a year ago, aspires to pursue a master’s degree but is immersed in an economic and social crisis, against her destinies and with desires that are deceived by the deepest feelings of the human being. A story inspired by real events.

“The awakening of a butterfly”, is the opera prima of the director Domingo Pisón, with a story of emotions and told from the sincerity, made for the feature 10 Miradas.

El despertar de una mariposa (2014) Cortometraje Subt. Sordos.


Ethics of theatrical practices – Interdisciplinar Colloquium

Thursday 24th and Friday 25th January 2019 in Montpellier

Free entry on registration:

How can support professionals manage to take into account the vulnerability and autonomy of the person with disabilities in a context of artistic creation? What are the relationships between directors and actors? Can the director always have the last word? The symposium Ethics (s) of theatrical practices proposes two days of meeting and exchange around the ethical questions posed to the field of art, its institutions and its creators, the work of theatrical creation with actors in a situation of disability.

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