Barcelona event report

The CLAP HANDS final Event took place in the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona on June 20th. It was an open event attended by an audience of 95 professionals; 72 were national audience and 23 were international partners and guests.

The event agenda was designed as a scenario for the project partnership to present the project intellectual outputs.  Each partner presented of achievements regarding the specific activity or tool within the project process

The Event was opened by a guest speaker, Jacinto Soler Matutes, Head of Industrial Policies and International Relations of SMES Federation. Mr Soler gave a very an overview of the European Union today facing the challenge of Great Britain leaving the Union.  Critical information to know the environment in which citizens and organization have to perform.

Myrtha Casanova president of Artistas Diversos and Jacques Fraisse project leader presented the Event.

Marie Claude Esculier, head of EUROPASS and Project Manager, highlighted the project objetives to the audience. Fostering the developing ofa professional life for personas with disabilities to guarante a full quality of live and full rights as citizens of the European Union . The project process starts by developing virtual tools to disseminate and share all  project findings guaranteeing from the begining the transferencia of knowledge and eperiences.  The creation of a Best Practice which of cases and experiences of artistas that have succeeded in developing a full professional life and of institutions that give them this support.  Expert groups have defined the tecnical competences and Social  skills that professinal that give support to the disabled community must have in order to advance these personas ( 14% of the European population) to professionalize their talent and turn it into a profession.  A training programa was develped to give this competences to the 37% of the opulation that care for the community of persons with some type of disability in the European Union.

Jacques Fraisee, Directteur, FranÇois Pontaller, Responsable, and Maud Verdier,  Porfesseur  Associe of La Bulle Bleue made a splendid presentation of how to detect early emerging talent  of persons with disabilities and  guide them into developing this talento as a profession.

Corinne Ducrocq  of IRST Montpellier and Laurent Giralt presented the best practice of a profesiional band of percussionists who came to the Event from Perpignan to show their art to the public.

Fernando Catarino, CEO and Paouo Ferrera, Project Leader of Universidad Lusófona from Portugal, showed the different communications tools which have been developed to guarantee project dissemination.  A YAMMER tool for partnership constant communications.  The CLAP HANDS  Web site where all tools and outputs are visible. A very active FACEBOOK portal for interaction with the public in general. and a DRIVE where partners can  store all the reports, photographs and materials for project justification.  A video was project to illustrate best practices in professional support to personas with disability in the arts and culture aimed and developing their talent as a profession.

Myrtha Casanova, president of Artistas Diversos and Eva Navarrete, member of its board presented the Best Practice Guide.  A publication resulting of a panel research in which 48 professionals and institutions from different countries in the European Union participated. The Best Practice Guide features 47 best practice  of institutions in the developing of support for disabled persons to advance into professional life, and 105 case stories of artists that explain who they have developed into a profession their art and cultural talents.

Four cases were featured and explained by the artists that who have developed their professional career with the arts.  Kelly Arrontes paints murals in large spaces.  Aleix Hurbano as a as decorator of offices, Carmen Oller as a photographer and Mario Barguño as an author of stories for children in schools.

Pantea Saramolk, project manager from Folkuniversitetel of Sweden explained the activities the university carry ot to foster the Inclusion of persons with disabilities in culture in Sweden and competenies required to work artistically with this target group. Overall goal: developing the individual’s opportunities for work in the shorter or longer term, capitalisg of the support provided by municipalities and NGOs Givining tailored gance to the person’s individual needs Workng with Group- or individual placements at companies

Video with best practices;
Kulturverket – Uppsala Municipality’s unit for Creativity and Creation

Upssala Theater Blanca, founded 1999
Kulturparken (Culture park) project ”The right  to  live my life”

Inuti Foundation in Stockholm -Supervised by staff with artistic and or educational and psychological education.

Karissilta Biennale
Danskompaniet Spinn in Gothenburg-  International dance company with dancers with and without disabilities

Closing the Event, Ricardo Martín, Event  Manager of Corresponsables made a call to society o be co-resoresponsabel of the full social and professiional inclusion of personas with disabilities because Europe cannot afford losing the hi 47 tizenship and the right for equal opportunities.

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