The CLAP HANDS CONCERT of July 11th in Sabadell

The CLAP HANDS CONCERT of July 11th in Sabadell, Barcelona was designed as a scenario to illustrate best practices in different ways for artists with disabilities to develop professionally . This being a main objective of the CLAP HANDS ERASMUS+ project.

The concert was organized as part of the Fresk Festival of the Fundació Caixa de Sabadell. An institution that promotes art through the Festival it organized each year during the month of July. When each day of the month different group of artists perform. All professional well known groups. The CLAP HANDS concert is the one event within the Festival of artists with disability performance. 3 professional careers were illustrated in the field of graphic arts, by the artists who have developed they working life in each the specific focus.

Kelly Arrontes presented her career as a mural painter and a book illustratorAleix Hurbano presented painting which illustrate his career focussed on decorating corporate offices of companies with a strong commitment towards inclusion. David Valls Tarrago presented the structure of the workshops he as his group of artists with disability have developed to teach painting to children in schoolsMario Barguño presented two books he has published as reading stories for children in schools with an inclusive message In the gardens of the Espai Cultura of the Foundation three art groups performed. These art groups act in different events when they are invited to perform professionally.

CLAMS (inclusive music). Is made up of artists with disability and artists without disabilities. Their play popular songs and invite the public to participate creating a very special climate of happiness, inclusion and positive attitudes. CRACS de Sabadell is a group which plays different styles of music from all over the world. Well knows pieces which invite the audience to clap and participate. The group is made up of musicians and singers. Mercedes Losada and her group brings together dance, poetry and music with extraordinary performing abilities. Mercedes is the creator and director of the art group which is made up by artists with talent regardless their profile The audience is made up by members of the local community who generally attend the Fresc Festival enjoy the different performances which every day make up the July Festival.


On July 11 at the Espai Cultural Fundacion Sabadell,
Carre d’en Font, 25 Sabadell

Free Entrance

Painting and literature exhibitions from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Music and dance performances from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The community of people with some disability represents the 17% of the population of the European Union; 14% of Spain. That is, 1 in 6 people living in the European space is considered not capable of professional competence.

The most brilliant artists in history have been disabled: Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Mozart, Munich, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Goya, Cervantes, Helen Keller, Alicia Alonso …

It is essential to take advantage of the untapped talent of many of the members of this community, to contribute to their personal and professional development

Concert CLAP HANDS is a concert of diverse artists within the framework of the ERASMUS + program of the European Union at the Fresk Festival of the Fundació Caixa de Sabadell. 3 performing arts groups perform in the gardens of the Espai Cultura of the locality: CLAMS (inclusive music); Mercedes Losada (dance, poetry and music) and CRACS de Sabadell (popular songs). And simultaneously, in the garden space the ArtDistinta Literary Seal is presented, with the Tales of Mario Barguñó illustrated by the painter Kelly Arrondes. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a video that shows the beautiful paintings that won the Provtial Group painting competitions in recent years.

Programa – Music and dance

19:00 hrs
Presentation – Myrtha Casanova – Ricard Armengol

19.05 hrs
Musical poetic performance by Dones ambVeu “Omplint el Buit”. Poems by Rosa María Arrazola, dance and music

19:30 hrs
The Andi Cracs are a Singular group with Plural music, as they version music of different styles around the world.

20:00 hrs: CLAMS
It is a band that is part of the project “Music per la inclusió”, they present us an advance of their new work.
Group of singers

20.30 hrs
Closure. Eva Navarrete o Ricard Armengol

Program Painting and Literature

18:00 to 20:00 hrs
Exhibition of graphic arts- Ricard Armengol Presentation of a program of Contests for the Decoration of the offices of the companies. Contribute to foster the sense of belonging of the staff. Project corporate social responsibility
Aleix Urbano
Kelly Arrontes
Carme Ollé
David Valls, ‘Tarragó’

Presentation- Merce Romagosa
Literary Arts – Presentation of the publications of the Literary Seal promoted by ArtDisTinta. The objectives of the publications are to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities and at risk of discrimination in society; mainly in the school world.
Merce Romagosa- Manager, Literary Seal

Presentation of the stories Children Detectives and Tales of Mario
Mario Barguñó- author
Kelly Arrontes – illustrator

20:00: hrs
Closure – Eva Navarrete – Myrtha Casanova

Art Culture and Citizenship

Barcelona CLAP HANDS Project Event

The Barcelona Event was a big success. We shared experiences with different partners and experts on the subject. We had also the opportunity to assist a magnificent performance  from a percussion group from Montpelier. 

The presentations can be downloaded here:




June, 20th, 2019
Universidad Internacional de Catalunya,
Inmaculada, 22   08017 Barcelona 

The European Union faces the most dramatic demographic downturn in history. Its sustainability depends on its capacity to attract and include populations from other parts of the world. Yet there is a generalized exclusion of 80% of its population. The community of persons with some kind of disability represent 17% of the European Union population. That is, 1 out of every 6 persons that live in the European space are considered not capable of having a professional competence.

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