CLAP HANDS Presentation by Isabel Segovia organization

June 28th and 29th the organization of Isabel Segovia celebrated a seminar for its 30 upper level members, at the University site of Sant Cugat, Barcelona.  Isabel had attended the June 20th project presentation at the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya.  She was impacted by the project findings and proposals; so she organized the seminar to present the CLAP HANDS project objectives and its intellectual outputs to the upper level of her professional network.

The network entrepreneurs have decided to become patrons of Artistas Diversos as a group in order to help disseminate the tools to help artists with disability develop a professional life and widely promote the CLAP HANDS project philosophy and findings.


End Conference 2019

 In 20 th june  we participate with a presentation in END CONFERENCE, 22th June Porto (Portugal), entitle: Clap hands, training professionals to promote disabled people labor inclusion in arts and culture

Various Artists project created a creative tandem that challenges the so-called disability

Taking advantage of the edition of a book entitled The Case of Stolen Jewelry, which we hope will become a collection called The Detective Children, Mario Barguñó, visible head of the Various Artists project, with cerebral palsy as a writer and, Kelly Arrontes, with very severe problems of vision and belonging to the ONCE organization in charge of the illustrations, they have created a creative tandem that challenges the so-called disability to demonstrate how much art and talent they can reflect in a small book, in which they try to inculcate values ​​of inclusion, to the They facilitate the coloring of some of the images that illustrate it.

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La Bulle Bleue at the National Dramatic Center

We were very busy with the programming time of La Bulle Bleue at the National Dramatic Center in Montpellier in January. On the occasion of this event we organized with Maud Verdier and the University, in partnership with the IRTS, a symposium on “The ethics of theatrical practices”. These two days of reflection raised the questions of the work of actors with disabilities. Directors of other artistic ESAT were present, as well as partners of similar projects in Switzerland and Belgium.It was very rich and interesting. We presented the Clap Hands approach. Marie-Claude and Corine gave a nice presentation of our work. You will find attached the program of these two days. On the occasion of this conference we also formalized the constitution of our steering committee.


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