The CLAP final event of Uppsala was held on the 22 of October

A total number of 41 guests attended the event. Among the guests were representatives from cultural, educational and municipal institutions and associations. Speakers at the event were Ali Rashidi, Head of Department for International Cooperation; Patrik Hedlund, Vice Chairman of the Cultural Committee in Uppsala; Pantea Saramolki, project leader, presenting the CLAP Hands project. Uppsala Municipality’s unit for Creation and Creativity – Konstform and Teater Blanca, held a runway show with clothes made from recycled paper, and had an exhibition with selection of their artworks from previous exhibitions.

Thereafter it was time for presentations of best practices regarding inclusion of persons with disabilities in culture: Susanna Cederquist, project leader for project VIDD; Participants from Teater Blanca and Konstform, Uppsala Municipality’s unit for Creativity and Creation; and Pantea Saramolki presented the international organization ShareMusic & Arts which works for an equal stage.

The presentations and speeches resulted in further discussions on initiatives to take a closer look at accessibility and collaborations between the organizations, which will be brought up at the next meeting of the Cultural Committee.

CLAP Hands continuing education

In May 2019, the training developed in the project in each partner country was implemented. The goal of the education has been how to encourage creativity and work artistically with people with functional variations. In Sweden, work supervisors and artistic leaders participated in daily activities in art and culture at Uppsala municipality. In addition to concrete tips and discussions about pedagogy and working methods, the participants also got to try different artistic branches, such as writing, watercolor painting, and planning, filming and producing short films.


La Bulle Bleue – Lancement de la saison dégunstation et bal

Découvrez le Chai et le jardin paysagé.
Goûtez la cuisine maison, fraîche et colorée de l’équipe traiteur de La Bulle Bleue.
Dansez avec les comédien·ne·s de La Bulle Bleue sur une proposition de Brigitte Négro (Cie Satellite) en collaboration avec Mathias Beyler

Jeudi 26 septembre 2019 à 18h30, 285 rue du Mas de Prunet, 34070 Montpellier

Merci de confirmer votre présence avant le 20 septembre
04 67 42 18 61

Établissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail (Esat) de l’Association Départementale des Pupilles de l’Enseignement Public (ADPEP 34), La Bulle Bleue est un lieu de fabrique artistique et culturelle à Montpellier, porté par une équipe de comédien·ne·s, technicien·ne·s du spectacle, chargé·e·s d’accueil, jardinier·ère·s, cuisinier·ère·s en situation de handicap


David Vall presents the web platform Sembrating Art

Clap Hands project is proud to share with the community  the new web platform that is launched by the artist David Vall “Tarragó” and from which he wants to make known, in addition to his latest work project, which are his works, designs and works in the workshops with which he collaborates:

Although the page is still under construction, we especially like the Sembrando Arte project, in which a work of art is created in a rural and natural environment, where existing elements and resources are collected and transformed, providing them with a new sense, both on a small scale and at the territory level.

In a cereal field the surface stone is extracted and arranged to form 100 arches that follow the traditional construction style of the area. Allowing the agricultural activity of the farm and the passage of machinery, but creating a work never seen before.

The work is complemented by an ecological restaurant that, in addition to being respectful of the environment, offers an economic return on the work of art.

David has created t-shirts that cost € 15 and are made to order to collaborate with the expenses and to keep alive the project that has just been shipped. As the artist himself tells us, available in all sizes.

The contact address in case you are interested in communicating with David:



CLAP HANDS Presentation by Isabel Segovia organization

June 28th and 29th the organization of Isabel Segovia celebrated a seminar for its 30 upper level members, at the University site of Sant Cugat, Barcelona.  Isabel had attended the June 20th project presentation at the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya.  She was impacted by the project findings and proposals; so she organized the seminar to present the CLAP HANDS project objectives and its intellectual outputs to the upper level of her professional network.

The network entrepreneurs have decided to become patrons of Artistas Diversos as a group in order to help disseminate the tools to help artists with disability develop a professional life and widely promote the CLAP HANDS project philosophy and findings.


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