DHL transport quality service

Using art as the expression of corporate social responsibility, is the present policy of DHL in Spain. The company sponsors a contest every year organized by Artistas Diversos of painters with disabilities that compete to decorate its offices. The paintings in the contest must feature DHL transport quality service.

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Neutrex, Mistol, Micolor, Persil, Dixan

HENKEL Spanish subsidiary has joined the trend of organizing contests to decorate the meeting rooms of its different offices. The paintings feature the different brands and products of the company: Neutrex, Mistol, Micolor, Persil, Dixan. These pieces show a unique level of creativity. The paintings will decorate the meeting room that has that name.

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199 paintings inspired in “nature and beauty”

165 artists participated presenting 199 paintings inspired in “nature and beauty” is the result of the 2018 ProArt Contest, organized by Artistas Diversos. Decoration is a natural profession for artists with disabilities. ProvitalGroup, a Spanish multinational chemical company leverages the talent of these artists not only to decorate its offices, but also to win the trust of its employees in developing a yearly project

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