Best Practices

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Focus Groups

Each partner country implemented 3-4 focus group discussions during spring - winter 2018, in order to discuss crucial topics to be included in the Clap course. Participants of these focus groups were professionals within areas of arts, healthcare, and or had worked with artists with disabilities. Further, each partner country discussed within the focus groups, the state of the art of existing supports, activities, possibilities and institutions welcoming artists with disabilities in respective country, and what improvements needs to take place regarding respective area. The main discussion concerned what type of skills and competencies should the Clap course offer the trainees who work with persons with disabilities in order for them to contribute to their labor inclusion and professionalization through arts and culture.

In conjunction with the focus group discussions, each partner country interviewed 8-10 artists with various types of disabilities in order to gain knowledge about possible existing barriers (internal as well as external) on the way to get to where they are today, inclusion in the arts as of perceived by the artists, and recommendations for institutions and other persons with disabilities who would like to become a professional within arts.


Disability, a multiple impact reality - Llavaneres

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Profession a core activity of life process of disabled persons - Fundacion Maresme


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